LEAFY Exclusive Collection of Decorative Plates with Golden Rim

Rs. 2,099

Aren’t they beautiful? These unique shaped plates will give you an amazing look not even talking about guest impressions! Made from ceramic and hand-painted, giving the best quality. Fast shipping and satisfaction are guaranteed!

No more boring plates! Stand out of the crowd and make sure your guests will remember your uniqueness! With these special, elegant plates even the simplest snacks will look like a state-of-the-art dessert!

Choose the colour of the plates that best suits your home decor vibe! As we were often requested by our dear customer to provide crockery - plates & bowls in the vibrant colours, this collection is just for you! Simply select from these remarkable shades, each with golden-colour finnish.

Match these gracious dessert plate collection with our special tealight tea set in a beautiful marble design look! Your afternoon tea could not turn better!

HOMEY DOMEY - crockery & home decor of your dreams

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